Daily Verse
Proverbs 4:25
Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.
Shine Wings is a branch of Shine India Ministries, focusing on the younger generation, who have tremendous potential to shine for Jesus. Shine Wings conducts Praise and Worship events for the youngsters. As a result, many have been touched, their lives transformed and blessed by the mighty power of God.
God has chosen and commissioned Pastor Bennet to lead praise and worship and to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in India and around the world. Through his anointed ministry, the Spirit of the Lord has liberated scores of people from incurable sicknesses, bondages and various darknesses.. A great many of them have received salvation and the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to live as living witnesses for the Lord and to shake the nations with the Glorious Revival. The mighty presence of the Holy Spirit is being felt at every gathering, proving that our God is alive and shines upon those who truly seek His glory. All Glory and Praise to Almighty God!!
Through the Manna Dental Clinic’s “DENTAL CARE INITIATIVE,” Dr. Shyma Bennet, MDS (Prosthodontics), our founder Pr. Dr. S. Bennet’s wife, conducts free dental check-up for children and aged people. Mr. Binni, M.Sc. (N) (Psychiatric), our co-worker at Shine India ministries, provides free counseling to youth on “De-addiction from drugs” and also guidance for needy students on “higher education trajectories” through his extensive professional knowledge.
Shine India Church was started with a vision in 2001. In obedience to God’s will, the church was started and services were conducted at Packiyam Wedding Hall, W.C.C. Road, Nagercoil. Later, it was shifted to rental buildings around W.C.C. Road, Nagercoil. In 2007, our Church moved to a permanent location at Mahatma Gandhi Nagar in Kanniyakulam, Nagercoil. A temporary structure was erected there. At present, the church is functioning from this location for the Glory of God. By the abundant grace of God and His love for His children, we witness a mighty move of the Holy Spirit at our Church services.

Miracle Meet, a special praise and worship service, is conducted on the 1st day of every month in our church premises. It has been a blessing to many people in and around the church. Anointing is poured out on the people attending this special meeting. Prayer Oil is available at our church 24 x 7 and it is a blessing for many.